Pregnancy and Feeding Support Pillow 

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The SleepiMum Pillow is designed to support you and your baby

The Patent Pending Protected SleepiMum Pregnancy and Feeding Support Pillow is designed by one of the UK's leading innovative Maternity Pillow designers to give you the most supported and comfortable night's sleep possible during mid to late pregnancy. Its unique recessed padded bump support allows natural cocooned positioning, without forcing your bump into an unnaturally elevated position which can lead to back strain. 

The SleepiMum Pregnancy Pillow supports Bump, Knees, Ankles and Hips. Keeping your hips, knees and ankles in alignment has been shown to relieve symptoms of SPD

The SleepiMum Pregnancy Pillow supports and encourages left-hand sleeping which encourages maximum blood-flow and exchange between mother and baby and can encourage optimal foetal positioning


Allows freedom of movement - the SleepiMum Pregnancy Pillow does not fix you in same position all night allowing you to find your most comfortable sleeping position and reducing the chances of overheating

Allows you to roll over or change position in the night without having to get out of bed, without reducing pillow performance or causing discomfort

The SleepiMum Pregnancy Pillow's patent pending protected shape and padded recessed panel, relieves pressure on your lower back by supporting your bump in a soft naturally cocooned and luxuriously comfortable position - not forcing your bump up into an unnatural angle (like many pillows do) which can cause back strain. 

Once baby is born, the SleepiMum Maternity Pillow  can be used as a comfortable feeding support pillow 

The SleepiMum Pregnancy Pillow bump positioner, enables you to easily find the correct positioning